Application and Allocation of a Place in our Kolpinghaus

FAQ #1: When may I apply for a place for the next academic year (September - June)?

From March 15

FAQ #2: May I apply for more than one academic year at once?

No.  The reservation of a place in our Kolpinghaus is possible only for one academic year (= September to end of June).  For every subsequent academic year, a new application form is required.


FAQ #3: Who may apply for a place in the Kolpinghaus?

Students and future students, who are of full age (18 years old) at the beginning of the respective academic year.

FAQ #4: I will turn 18 only during the academic year. May I also apply?

Yes. You may apply for a place in a twin bed room upon approval by the Kolpinghaus. Furthermore, a declaration of agreement is required from the parents or legal guardians together with the application.

FAQ #5: What are the criteria for the allocation of a place?

The places in our Kolpinghaus are allocated according to the first-come-first-served-principle.  However, reapplications of current residents are treated with priority over new applications.


FAQ #6: When will I receive the confirmation of a guaranteed place?

The allocation of the places in our Kolpinghaus take place approximately from mid-April.

FAQ #7: Is there a minimum length of stay?

Yes! 1 academic term (which is 5 months from September until January (winter term) or February until June (summer term)).

FAQ #8: May I stay in my room also during the summer break?

Yes.  It is possible to stay during July and August, if this was agreed upon beforehand with the Kolpinghaus.  It might happen, however, that in case of renovation or maintenance work the room has to be switched for some time.

FAQ #9: Is my place in the Kolpinghaus terminated?

Yes.  In general, the places in our Kolpinghaus are allocated for one academic year, from September 1, until June 30.

FAQ #10: I have applied for a place in a twin bed room. Who will be my room mate?

First of all, applicants are matched related to their sex. Furthermore, we try to consider other similarities, like field of study, nationality, and so on.

Furnishing Rooms / Kolpinghaus Facilities

FAQ #11: May I rent a parking space in the garage during my stay?

Yes.  According to availability, parking spaces may be rented on a monthly basis for the duration of your stay.  Please inform as already during your application process that you would need a parking space.

FAQ #12: Do you protect non-smokers?

In both of our buildings we have a strict non-smoking policy!

FAQ #13: Does the monthly payment include Internet? Are there any limits?

We provide free Internet (WLAN) for our residents.  Each user may use three devices simultaneously.  In case of excessive Internet usage (e.g. streaming platform), the data-amount will be restricted according to the fair-use-principle.

FAQ #14: Am I self responsible for cleaning my room?

Yes.  Cleaning utentsils like broom or vaccuum cleaner, however, may be borrowed from us.



FAQ #15: May I park my car in front of the Kolpinghaus for unloading?

During our reception opening hours we can open the rising bollards for you, in order to enable you vehicle access to our Kolpinghaus.  For the duration of the unloading you may park your car in front of our main building on the designated parking lots.  However, parking is not allowed between our two buildings, respectively in front of the building no. 97.


FAQ #16: May I tour my future room beforehand?

In general it is possible to view a room during your application process.  However, this available room is just a sample and is most likely not your future room.


FAQ #17: I would like to get a specific room. What are the chances that my requests will be met?

We will try to meet your room requests, if possible.  However, it can not be guaranteed beforehand that a specific room will be available for you. The applicant has no entitlement to a specific room.  Furthermore, we do not offer individual rooms but places in our Kolpinghaus either in single or in twin-bed rooms.


Move-Out / Termination

FAQ #18: Is it possible to terminate the place prior to its contractual end?

Yes. It is possible to terminate the place in our Kolpinghaus prior to its contractual end by the end of the month.  The period of notice is three months.  Please see our House Rules for further details.

FAQ #19: May I sublet my room?

No!  This is strictly forbidden! 

FAQ #20: May I interrupt my stay for compulsory internships?

No.  We have a minimum length of stay of one academic term.

FAQ #21: Is there a difference in the reservation between a place in the Kolpinghaus and a parking space in the garage?

Yes.  There is a difference in the period of notice (place in the Kolpinghaus = 3 months, parking space = 1 month).

Deposit / Payment / Cancellation

FAQ #22: Is my reservation of a place in the Kolpinghaus secured upon receipt of the confirmation of reservation?

You have to secure your reservation with the timely transfer of the required deposit.  Only then your place in our Kolpinghaus is secured for you!


FAQ # 23: What is the amount of the required deposit and what's the purpose for it?


The deposit amounts to EUR 450.00.  Its purpose is to secure against damages or losses caused by the resident, or against other liabilities of the resident towards our Kolpinghaus.


FAQ #24: Until when is the deposit due in order to secure my reservation?

If you applied during the first quarter, the deadline is May 31.  If your application arrives later, you will be informed in your confirmation of reservation about your individual deadline.


FAQ #25: Are the overheads and the Austrian broadcast fee included in the monthly payment?


FAQ #26: I have applied on very short notice. Until when is the deposit due in my case?

This will be agreed upon indivudually.  As an approximate guideline the deadline for the payment of the deposit will be about 2 - 4 weeks upon receipt of the confirmation of reservation.

FAQ #27: When will I receive the deposit back?

After delivery of your place on the date of move-out at the reception or afterwards via bank transfer.  The deposit will be returned in full, if there are no damages or losses in the course of the delivery of yor place nor any other liabilities towards our Kolpinghaus.


FAQ #28: I don't need the place any longer, which is reserved for me. What do I have to do now?

Please be so kind to forward us a written cancellation.

FAQ #29: Do I have to pay a cancellation fee, if I cancel my reserved place, which was not yet secured via deposit?


FAQ #30: Do I have to pay a cancellation fee, if I cancel my reserved place which was already secured via deposit?

Yes.  The administration- and cancellation fee will depend on the effective date and the reason of the cancellation. For further details, please see our House Rules.

FAQ #31: Will there be additional costs to the monthly payment?

No. There will be no additional costs to the monthly payment for the place in our Kolpinghaus.